Disney Multivitamins

Disney children vitamins are available in all drugstores, pharmacists and various supermarket chains in The Netherlands en Belgium.
The soft gummies are special designed for children starting the age of 3 and will be a benefit for a lot of parents, a complete vitamine from the highest quality where children wil ask for themselves.

Disney children multivitamins are soft gummies in the shapes of all your favorite Disney characters, on request of a lot of parents who wanted e good and healthy vitamin that will be easily ingested by children, and therefore can support the daily food in an easy and responsible way

As is indicated earlier Disney children’s multivitamin designed specifically for children. There is in making the composition specifically looked at the additional power and demand combined with soft gummies with a wonderful flavor. Disney children’s multivitamins offer nine essential vitamins and 2 minerals. This supplement is the supplement to the diet of children from 3 years.

Obviously there is already a lot of experience with Disney children’s multivitamins, the product is already on the market in many countries. For example America, success is overwhelming that there’s a growth of 319 % (based on Nielsen FDMX digits) realized. Parents in America give as a reason that the product is unique , and their children take the gummies without any difficulty, in fact, they ask for it themself. To achieve this , we looked carefully at the fun factor, appearance, content, form and especially the taste and quality of the soft Gummies . Expectations for the Dutch market are considerable.